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Sweater #9

Lombard overpass and Eisenhower ExpwyI was on my way to place this on some really great benches on Harrison St., but as I was walking there, it occurred to me why not place it where the drivers who are stuck in the construction parking lot below can get a little tiny visual stimulation.  I may have to make another one of these sweaters for myself as I just love this little guy, and find it too fun! I was asked today what rules, if any, exist in where I determine to place the sweaters.  The response was that they are placed in spots or venues that are used by the public for the public and that I am avoiding any placement related to consumption of goods i.e. grocery stores, as that would intimate some relationship with that site.  And, today, I got a response that sweater no. 1 has been found and is on it’s way to Hollywood CA!  Way to go collector no. 1! I look forward to hearing from others who have found sweaters and finding out where final destinations or plans may be for the object.  They definitely take a life of their own once I place them into the world.

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Sweater #8

Sweater 8

Bleachers at Smith Park

Sweater 8 was placed out in Smith Park on May 14 after attending a great talk with James Yood and Gladys Nilsson at the Ukranian Institute of Modern Art. Located in Ukranian Village, Smith Park is right along the Metra tracks on Grand Ave. and is used by a great dissection of the city’s population.  I placed this out on the bleachers but I have a feeling with the strong winds that are present that the sweater might soon be relocated.  As I was driving away, I also noticed the park was adorned with WWII machinery such as the tank pictured.  It was promising to see a ceramic studio adjacent to the canon though!

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Sweater #7

Sweater 7

It finally stopped raining, so I got brave and placed this sweater in Grant Park, next to my alma mater, the School of the Art Institute.  I placed the sweater near where I used to doze on benches in between classes or on my breaks. Hopefully, this sweater won’t end up blowing away in the wind like Dorothy’s house from the Wizard of Oz.

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Sweater #6

Sweater 6

I didn’t post a picture for yesterday as I am awaiting a photo from my studio assistant since she has taken the responsibility of placing one sweater out and about to document.  But I am sure she will find a great place for it and can’t wait to see the location.  Today, I placed this little guy at the Metra Station of the Burlington Northern line in Brookfield, IL.  There were quite a few people milling about as the train was late,  and I hope that one of them was curious enough to see this sweater.  It’s interesting to walk into a place in order to place the sweater as I always anticipate someone letting me know that I left something behind, or worse, getting into trouble. But then I see a ton of advertisements, business cards, sales gimmicks set up in some obscure location and realize that in this is very similar to a business card of sorts.  One might say this sweater is a sales pitch for a great cause.  At least I hope it results in action for a social cause.

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