Sweater #94

Contributor Terri Minkin placed the 94th  sweater at a local tennis shop and while she was just inspired on the spot, I just love the sale sign to the side of the sweater.  These shoes are obviously season left overs and are not being marketed in the traditional manner of new merchandise.  And, mirroring the rest of the economy, the sign also points to the glut of consumables goods on the market. Other posts mention this dilemma as well, but sporting goods seem to be the epitome of excessive wealth even though being active is essential to maintaining good health as well as providing a reduction in our national health care costs.  Such an irony–just like the dilemma we face with those who struggle to become a part of our American “dream” factory of home ownership, 2.5 children, 3 cars, 5 t.v.’s, etc.

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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