Sweater #9

Lombard overpass and Eisenhower ExpwyI was on my way to place this on some really great benches on Harrison St., but as I was walking there, it occurred to me why not place it where the drivers who are stuck in the construction parking lot below can get a little tiny visual stimulation.  I may have to make another one of these sweaters for myself as I just love this little guy, and find it too fun! I was asked today what rules, if any, exist in where I determine to place the sweaters.  The response was that they are placed in spots or venues that are used by the public for the public and that I am avoiding any placement related to consumption of goods i.e. grocery stores, as that would intimate some relationship with that site.  And, today, I got a response that sweater no. 1 has been found and is on it’s way to Hollywood CA!  Way to go collector no. 1! I look forward to hearing from others who have found sweaters and finding out where final destinations or plans may be for the object.  They definitely take a life of their own once I place them into the world.

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Filed under Activism, Art, Intervention, Subversive

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