Sweater #19

Buckingham FountainSweater 19Placed out on Thursday, May 27, it was one of those great Chicago days where the sky is the perfect color and the temperature is what heaven will be like for those having experienced a mid-west winter.  The fountain is one of Chicago’s signature locations for all sporting events, tourist activities and event gatherings.  Within the time the sweater was placed, a couple of bus loads of foreign speaking tourists were dropped off in front of the fountain.  Maybe a sweater will travel abroad!


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2 responses to “Sweater #19

  1. Abby & Andy

    We found this sweater!! However, it wasn’t in Chicago… It was in McCall, Idaho, sitting on a statue of the famous “bears” just above a public beach. We love this sweater! It’s so cute, and we hang it on the mirror of our car now!!

    • Awesome! Art for everyone is my motto! I just spent the day sitting in my little portable kiosk/studio Commune-ique today and two youth from the neighborhood hung out with us while I knitted. They were soo into the little sweaters! Glad that you enjoy and hope that you can make a donation (no matter how small) to the National Coalition for the Homeless!

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