Sweater #182

I went to the state capital to place this sweater and found this bench that was constructed as a memorial for battered and abused mothers.  The bench was in front of the House of Representatives and I thought this an apropos site for placement as many abused women also deal with homelessness or stable living conditions.  On the opposing corner, a group of protesters were congregating and getting signatures from people regarding immigration conditions in the state of Arizona.  Especially after last week when immigration protester, Salvador Reza, was kicked out of the senate for raising concerns about the latest immigration bills up for vote on in the senate, it seemed like an ideal placement to bring attention to the needs of everyone, including the immigrant population.  Unfortunately, democracy took a turn for the worse when Salvador Reza was then banned from entering the senate building on Thursday as majority leader, Russell Pearce, had him “black listed” from the senate grounds.  Continued displacement of individuals who seek employment, health care or housing are in dire need across the country, including many immigrant populations which tend to make up some of the susceptible populations for losing services due to state and federal budget shortfalls. Maybe someone who sits on this bench will think twice about the power that the few in the opposing buildings have and their effect on the majority who never visit.

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Filed under Activism, Art, Public sites, Subversive

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