Sweater #217

On Thursday, I placed this sweater in the heart of the art walk procession that takes place every Thursday in Old Town Scottsdale.  I am hoping to do a few more of these placements as it will hopefully encourage people to engage in an art collaboration/intervention that might be different from the traditional aspects of art viewing.  In peak tourist times, the streets are packed with people strolling along the window fronts, but as it is approaching the 100 degree days, tourism is slowing. However, I do know that locals often participate in the cultural festivities of this area as live bands play in and around local cafes and bars, so this still is an amazing place for high visibility and potential engagement from the public. Of course there might be more aesthetically pleasing locations other than this water pipe, but it sticks out so among the beautifully manicured store fronts that it became all the more important to emphasize this monstrosity.  Maybe a bit like homelessness itself?

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Filed under Art, Found Objects

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