Sweater #216

As I was on my way to one of the most fun activities I have participated in a very long time, I came across this space in the public parking lot adjacent to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.  As street art, graffiti and renegade DIY projects were the inspiration source for this project, I found this a most fitting site for a sweater.  Unfortunately, I was not able to procure the name of the artist responsible for the plastered teddy bear reproductions, but as with most public projects, anonymity is usually purposeful.  It was a great treat to see this space converted from one of bland concrete grayness to the mark of the human hand making what was once a sterile environment, a lively, personalized space.


Filed under Art, Found Objects, Public sites

2 responses to “Sweater #216

  1. I believe the artist’s name is Rory Hayes and that some of his work is up in SMoCA along with Jon Haddock.

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