Sweater #219

This sweater was placed by Kirstin Van Cleef who is one of the project managers at Scottsdale Public Art.  Her reason behind placing a sweater in the location she did was to keep an eye on it to see if the sweater had been adopted and then also because she likes tress.  And, for those who don’t live in the desert year round, trees can become a sight for sore eyes after a bit, so placing this sweater way up high in the cove of the trunks seems like an ideal place where I would want to hang out.  Kirstin did inform me that the sweater was taken by someone as she was able to check on it periodically.  Ironically, a sweater I had placed in a JoAnn’s store near my apartment has yet to be taken.  I am thinking that most people assume it’s part of a sales pitch.  But this I find really amusing as even the floor managers who are supposed to know their merchandise has not removed the item.  So, for now, that sweater’s home is in a craft store waiting to inspire other knitters!

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