Sweater #124

The 7th sweater taking part in the Australian exhibition is reminiscent of items found in a local Toys R Us aisle as these two colors seem to be very popular among a younger audience.  The design of two small stripes indicates text of some sort that no longer is visible and is derived from contemporary fashion with shirts that have mantras stamped across the front of them.  The sweater below was placed in a local dog park adjacent to a sporting field.  A dog park can be one of the friendliest places and people are eager to strike up conversations. I have often spent an afternoon immersed in conversations with people that I would normally never come into contact with, but because I have a dog, there is something in common.  I am hoping that this underlying commonality bridges the gap in encouraging others to support the National Coalition for the Homeless.  Now if only our politicians could find some common ground to work from, maybe things could actually get done for the good of the people!

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Filed under Found Objects, Public sites, Textiles

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