Sweater #136

Only a few more days are left in the Australia exhibition of sweaters!  While I am dying to see if anyone participated or if I will get these sweaters back state side to place locally, it is great to include images of these sweaters concurrently with ones that I am placing around town.  The sweater below was placed at the apartment mail center where phone books are dropped off for residents along with a collection of  weird and strange messages or lost/mis-delivered mail.  The idea of a phone book in the digital age seems almost obsolete yet is a great record of where people live and provides a snap shot of a place highlighting businesses, entertainment, religious organizations and other institutions that define community.  The only thing the directory does not include are the names of members of our society that often fall through the cracks, or have experienced displacement from their community.  Hopefully this sweater will remind others of those people that are un-named or un-identified in the “system”.

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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