Sweater #256

The subway is one of the best parts of New York. It can take you anywhere in the city and is an example of one of the most complete operational public transit systems in the country.  It is also such a great place for people watching.  So, at the juncture of several different train lines, I placed this sweater just above eye level in hopes that people might take a moment and look around their environment, being aware of the subtlety of this placement. Doubtful, I know, as many passengers are often rushing from one place to another, but important none the less. Similar to taking time out for ourselves, our family and our larger community, the act of being visually aware, conscious of our surroundings and open to its needs enriches our lives. Likewise, art can make one appreciate the minutia in our hectic frenetic life styles and also point the direction in which we may need to take. I am sure that this sweater will hide here for many days before being found, but just imagine what that sweater might look upon as it waits.

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Filed under Found Objects, Public sites

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